sprinter remote program key synchronize step battery programming

Sprinter T1N W901 up to 2006 Remote Programming (Initialization) / Step By Step

If a transmitter (fob) is operated more than 255 times in succession beyond the range of the receiver (SKREEM), the RKE portion of the key (not the Immobilizer function) will become inoperative.

sprinter remote program key synchronize step battery programming

In order to put it back in synchronization it will be necessary to have ALL the other transmitters that are used with this vehicle available and follow the following procedure:
1. Cycle the ignition on and off 2 times within 6 seconds (leave in off position).
2. Press the lock or unlock button of the disabled transmitter within 3 seconds of turning the ignition off.
3. Press any button (lock or unlock) 3 more times within 6 seconds.
4. Wait 10 seconds.
5. Press any button of ALL other transmitters belonging to this vehicle at least once within the next 20 seconds.

NOTE! This procedure is only for remotes that are original or were programmed to the original SKREEM. This will not work for new remotes or used remotes from another vehicle.

NOTE! This procedure is not for the immobilizer function. If you have no start (start error) issue, this will not work.

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