Thanks for reaching out. Please include the following information in the support ticket :

  • Order number (4 digits) located on invoice, blue sticker (lower left corner), round orange sticker.
  • Original issue with the car.
  • Current issue with the car.
  • Parts replaced.
  • Test and procedures done.
  • History of the car (flooded, engine swapped, timing chain done, etc).
  • Any other information that might help to diagnose the problem (trouble codes, photos).
  • Scan tools available.

For returns and cancellations only order number is needed.

Please allow reasonable time for answer, especially if you are in a different time zone.

Support ticket will automatically close if we do not hear from you for more than a week. You can reopen it anytime by replying to our last email.

Remember more relevant information will bring about quicker and better answers.