Land Rover Remanufactured ECMs

Our Land Rover remanufactured ECUs come in two variants, Plug n' Drive or unlocked.

Plug n' Drive ECUs require no additional programming. VIN, immobilizer (SSID) data, key hashes, software and coding (also SCN coding) will be all transferred. Original keys will work. The car will have the correct VIN for emission tests! Simply install the ECU and start the car.

Unlocked (virgin) ECUs will require programming, just as a new ECM from the dealer would. You will have to flash the correct software, code it (regular or SCN), personalize and activate it. NOTE! Not all ECM can be unlocked. We will contact you if that is the case.

All you have to do is send us your original ECU. Prepaid shipping label will be emailed to you after the purchase.

All ECUs are in stock, ready to ship. We ship the same or next day from our US Midwest warehouse, guaranteeing to reach any US destination as fast as possible.

Each ECU comes with 1 year warranty, 30 day returns and free 30 day technical support.