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BMW Remote Activation (Initialization) / Step By Step

BMW keys after 2007 (key fobs) do not require any special procedure for initialization. They will automatically re synchronize when the key is recognized as valid and the car is driven. If the car starts but you have remote issues, you can try the procedure below.

Insert the key in the key hole.
Switch ignition ON (position 2).
Wait at least 30 sec.
Switch ignition OFF and remove the key.
Insert the key in the key hole and start an engine.
Allow the engine to run at least 1 min.
Switch ignition OFF and remove the key from the ignition lock.
Close all doors, if it was open.
Press buttons CLOSE, OPEN at the key, remote is ready for operating.

NOTE! If the remote is not working after driving the vehicle or the above procedure, you have another issue (deceive remote, low battery, defective antenna, etc.). 

NOTE! All our programmed keys are tested for remote function (frequency 315MHz or 433MHz) before shipment.

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