Replacement Mercedes ECMs

Check out our brand new Mercedes products and services. We offer a full suite of replacement ECMs and programming services for Mercedes Benz. All our modules are programmed to your keys and car. Find your vehicle in the car picker below!

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Replacement MINI DMEs

Check out remanufactured MINI DMEs. We also offer services to program or replace ELV modules, EWS modules and more. Our modules are programmed to your keys and car, so no additional programming is needed. Find your MINI in the car picker below!


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Precision ECU - About Us

We offer remanufactured engine computers and other modules programmed to your car so they will be Plug N Drive, no additional programming needed. Old keys will work. Simply install the ECU and start the car.

We also provide the following programming services: used ECU programming (cloning or matching), corrupted software repair (bricked ECU),  key programming (new, used, aftermarket), performance tuning (safe power increase), immobilizer delete (EWS OFF), ECU factory reset, virginising (to new, virgin state), special services (DTC Delete, EGR Delete, Add Blue OFF (SCR), O2 sensor OFF, readiness setting and others. 

Our goal is to fix any ECU issue you have.

Contact us and we'd be happy to help.