MSS60 Cloning Matching


Cloning of MSS60 DMEs is only possible if the the DME is not locked. Up to 12/2007 all MSS60 DMEs are readeble (Siemens). After 12/2007 they are locked (Continental). Locked DME cannot be cloned. Matching is always possible, even on locked DMEs.


Q. Which DMEs (part numbers) are locked?

A. Based on our experience the only not locked part numbers are: 7841364 and 7841102, rest is locked. Not locked DMEs will have Siemens on the label, locked DMEs will have Continental. Roughly all MSS60 DMEs after 12/2007 are locked.

Q. Locked DME, what does it mean?

A. It means that reading of that DME is not possible.

Q. Can you recover bricked MSS60 DME?

A. Locked no, not locked yes.

Q. Is it possible to match used, locked MSS60 DME to my car?

A. Yes, matching of locked MSS60 DMEs is possible.

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