bmw remote key programming step battery synchronize

BMW Remote Programming (Initialization) / Step By Step

In order for the remote to communicate with the vehicle, each remote must be initialized. Up to four remotes can be initialized and used per vehicle.

Each remote has its own key code. All existing remotes must be reinitialized when, a new key transmitter is to be added.

Initialization procedure:

1. Open the car using mechanical car key.
2. Get inside and close all the doors.
3. Turn the key to lock position 1 (1st click) and then turn off again. This step must remain under 5 seconds, otherwise the system is not ready for initialization.
4. Press and hold button 2 (unlock).
5. While holding button 2, press button 1 (lock) three times within 10 seconds. 
6. Release button 2.

bmw remote key programming step battery synchronize

The central locking system confirms a successful initialization by locking and immediately unlocking the doors automatically. If the doors do not lock and unlock automatically, initialization must be restarted.

Once the first initialization process has been completed, another 3 remotes can be initialized.

For every other remote, the steps 4 to 5 must be repeated within 30 seconds, otherwise "initialization stand-by" is switched off.

During initialization, all other existing remotes must be initialized. The ignition lock must never be reactivated during the initialization process. If this were to happen, then all radio transmitters would have to be re-initialized.

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