MSD80 to MSD81 upgrade

MSD80 DMEs suffer from frequent MOSFETs and PSUs failures, causing misfires on one or more cylinders. Car will often have following codes stored in engine control module: 30BA, 30BB, 2E30, 2E31, 2E32, 2E33, 2E34, and 2E35. It is recommended to replace injectors,...

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MSS60 Cloning Matching

Cloning of MSS60 DMEs is only possible if the the DME is not locked. Up to 12/2007 all MSS60 DMEs are readeble (Siemens). After 12/2007 they are locked (Continental). Locked DME cannot be cloned. Matching is always possible, even on locked DMEs. FAQs:...

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